Osteopath and cranial osteopathy in East London, Primrose Hill & Southsea, Portsmouth

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is used to treat people with low back pain and stiffness, neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain, sciatica, injuries eg.sustained in car accidents (such as whiplash) or at the gym, tension headaches and many other conditions, all using soft tissue and manipulation techniques as well as subtle cranial osteopathy and gentle functional techniques.

As a Registered Osteopath I combine both structural and cranial technique as needed.

Cranial osteopathy is very gentle and effective for most conditions. Osteopathy is good for all the family and I use cranial osteopathy when treating babies, toddlers and children. I also use cranial osteopathy to treat women during pregnancy and after the birth. All osteopaths have to continue to keep their skills up to date so, as part of my continual professional development, I am following a course of biodynamic cranial osteopathy over eight years and am more than half way through this training programme. Biodynamic cranial osteopathy is built on the body of osteopathy as it originated in the late 1800's and early-mid 1900's by the founding fathers Andrew Taylor Still and William Garner Sutherland.
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How Can Osteopathy Help?

As an osteopath, I commonly see people for whiplash, sciatica, low and upper back pain, neck and shoulder problems, work related back pain and smaller joint problems as well as a host of other conditions. Unsettled babies, children and elderly people with aching joints all respond to gentle osteopathy. If you are unsure if osteopathy or cranial osteopathy will be likely to help you, please do give me a call: 07770 606 359 - I would be happy to talk things through with you.

"I cannot thank Elaine enough for all she did to help my 5 year old daughter. Once treatment began there were no more hospital emergency visits and we hardly ever had to use her inhaler. She changed my daughter's life".
Sarah, Southsea

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I have worked as a registered osteopath and cranial osteopath for over eighteen years in Bethnal Green, East London(E2), Primrose Hill, Camden, NW1 and Southsea, Portsmouth helping patients with a range of different problems, pain and loss of mobility. I regularly treat babies as well as women during pregnancy and following birth. More generally, I can help with gentle treatment to ease anxiety, tension headaches and stress. Read more about osteopathy.

I am registered with PruHealth, and work with other insurance companies.

Where Can I Find An Osteopath?

My practice in Bethnal Green, E2 (East London) is close to Bethnal Green Tube, Roman Road Market, The City of London and Victoria Park.

My practice in Southsea (Portsmouth) is within easy reach of Palmerston Road shopping centre, Southsea sea front and Canoe Lake.

My practice in Primrose Hill, NW1 (Camden) is close to Chalk Farm & Camden Town Tube stations, Camden Lock Market, Regents Park and Swiss Cottage.

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