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Testimonials #01


"I took my baby son, Evan, to receive cranial osteopathy from Elaine after daily bouts of continuous crying lasting hours at a time. It seemed that if he was awake, he was crying and in discomfort. He would arch his back in pain and scream. Nothing seemed to console him, which was extremely distressing for me and my husband as well as to Evan himself. We tried everything we could think of to ease his colic symptoms. By the time treatment started, he was barely sleeping, which meant that neither were we!

Although he cried throughout the treatment itself, we noticed improvements immediately after the first session. Evan appeared more relaxed, receptive and calm. Over the course of six sessions we saw more and more progress. Although sleep was still an issue, he was much less distressed when he was awake and we finally felt that we were able to get to know our son. We found we could manage the crying and he began to respond positively to our attempts to comfort him.

Evan is now 21 weeks old. Although still demanding, he is a happy, smiley and interactive baby who sleeps pretty well at night. We would recommend Elaine's cranial treatments as Evan certainly benefited from the sessions and we are now enjoying time with our son." Gail Oakley and Matthew Terry, Portsmouth

“We’d had next to no sleep for 14 months! It was terrible. Oscar was a complete joy but he just didn’t sleep. If we were really lucky he’d sleep from eight until twelve but he’d always wake up distressed and his sleep was always fitful waking on average every 2 hours. Everyone said it was behavioural and that it was just what babies did and everyone had a technique to tell us to use but it was more than behaviour or boundaries, we knew it we just didn’t know what to do about it.

My brother suggested Cranial Osteopathy after hearing from a friend what a benefit it was to their children. I read about Elaine’s work online and this spurred me on to book a visit. It was the best decision we could have made.

The whole process has been beneficial. I got the opportunity to tell someone all about our sleeping issues who actually listened, someone who believed me when I said it wasn’t behavioural. At the first meeting Elaine explained the process and treatment plan and we discussed what could be expected over the course of the treatment. The effects were immediate and pronounced. As soon as Elaine placed her hands on Oscar’s head you could see his whole self relax and within minutes he was deeply asleep. Finally a solution!

Now I tell everyone how wonderful Cranial Osteopathy is and that it is never too late to start it with babies and children. I spoke with someone recently who told me her son didn’t sleep through the night until he was five years old! Phew! It really doesn’t have to be that way.” Sarah Wood, London

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